Senior Recruitment Consultant

Edinburgh / Glasgow


Working in recruitment is getting harder, more frustrating, and less rewarding.

Come and join us at Denholm.

Not too attractive at first sight?

Well, we do need more people to help drive our rapid growth, but they need to be right. The first thing we needed to do was to discourage the ones who are looking for an easy life, who think that the quickest way to make a buck is to harass clients with cold calls, bombard candidates with bulk LinkedIn inmails, and fire out CVs as easy currency for their next commission cheque, forgetting that CVs are a carefully assembled record of someone’s career and future dreams.

Brainless, transactional recruiting is dying out. Much of it will eventually be automated and taken in-house, with what’s left being fought over by old-fashioned recruitment agencies driving fees into the ground.

So we’re offering consultants a different path.

What will always be important are relationships built on trust and making an effort to do a great job in the long term. Our clients, and the team at Denholm, value people whose first instinct is to provide a great experience for their clients and candidates alike. People whose first thought on taking a vacancy brief is not “let’s get this done fast and turn round a quick fee”, but “let me understand the client’s problem. How can we solve it with the best long-term solution?”

In other words, we need “Intrapreneurs”. People who want the freedom to run their recruitment desk as if it was their own business, under the banner of a trusted brand in a company that combines up to date technology with a friendly and collaborative environment.

We need two new consultants to maintain our rapid growth this year, and it’s vital that you’re a team player, great at building long-term client and candidate relationships. Of course, the energy, speed of thought, and management of detail of every successful recruitment consultant are more or less a given, but we’re not looking for years of experience.

A background, or knowledge of marketing, would get you off the mark quickly - it’s our specialist area - but if you don’t have it, our experienced team will give you all the support and training you’ll need. Much more important is to have the right attitude, the ambition to get right to the top of an independent company where we make our own decisions, and to do that by getting results while carrying your colleagues, clients and candidates with you.

We like to mix up the industry sectors that you’ll be working on because digital marketing has opened the door like never before for candidates to move across industries. But there will be quite a focus on our Financial and Professional Services clients, so a little bit of “understanding the lingo” wouldn’t do any harm. But that’s not mandatory, and indeed people who are too “in with the bricks” in terms of their sector experience might struggle to find fresh global talent for clients who are going through the digital revolution. And you might find our slogan “we see beyond the CV” a little challenging.

But if all this still sounds exciting to you, please get in touch. If you’re right for us, you can forget the headline about frustration and lack of reward – you’ll be joining a company that is already well down the road of modern, marketing-based, added value, consultative recruitment. That’s what clients are looking for and that’s where job satisfaction, career development, and financial rewards will be found.

These jobs can be based in our Edinburgh or Glasgow offices.

No agencies

(…..ok, that was a joke. And even though we’re really busy, all enquiries will be acknowledged, whether successful or not. It’s only good manners).

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