A digital solution powered by humans.

SCOUT is an end to end process designed by Denholm to help businesses find, attract and hire brilliant people.

Created by experts, it brings together intelligence and insight, to drive value and deliver results, across every stage of the recruitment cycle.

What is SCOUT?



SCOUT features and benefits


Joined up process

Going beyond the transaction, to support you and all your future talent needs.

Human digital

Bringing people and technology together to deliver guaranteed results.

Deeper understanding

An interactive and agile briefing process to align fully with client criteria.

Brand insights

Understand from potential employees how your brand is percevied.


Helping enhance a client's employer brand value and ability to attract talent.

Wider search

Going beyond the 'black book' to search from a global and diverse talent pool.

Behavioural assessment

Exploring a candidate's potential and not just their past performance.

Digital Compliance Platform

Economical and accurate compliance checks so you know who you're hiring.


If you'd like to find out more about SCOUT, then please contact Marisa on 0141 212 2727 or marisa@denholmassociates.com today!